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A personal message from Salley Gibney

This message is for everyone who believes in the Caring Coins message of caring, connection and hope. We are at a very serious and important time in our country. A time when each of us needs to stand up for what we believe in. We can do this with our vote.

I remember my Fourth Grade teacher drilling into our heads that voting is a Privilege and with every Privilege there is a Corresponding Duty. We have the Privilege to Vote, therefore it is our Duty to Vote.

My son-in-law and I mailed our 480 “Get Out the Vote” handwritten letters through “Vote Forward”!

My Message: “I am voting in this next election because as a “Grammy” I want to have a voice in the country I leave for my four Grandchildren… a country where we respect each other in spite of our differences; a country with healthcare for all including those with pre-existing conditions; a country with equal opportunities for all, and a country with an environment where they can enjoy the wonders I have enjoyed.”

I Voted in person at Town Hall here in East Greenwich, RI.

Be sure to VOTE! Remind your Family, Friends, Neighbors, Everyone to VOTE!

A message from Salley Gibney

As we face the coronavirus and the enormous task of reopening our lives, we are also facing issues that have been with us for generations.

It seems so overwhelming that we might think there is nothing we can do as an individual. But I believe that we can and must at least try to do something. We can make a difference if we reach into our hearts and souls and think of each other as individuals, individuals who want the very same things for our children and grandchildren. We want them to be safe, to live without fear, to have enough food each day, to have the healthcare they need when they need it. We want them to be able to laugh and have fun to be able to enjoy their childhood, to be able to go to school and grow up to reach their potential. Each child deserves this and each parent and grandparent will do their best to see that the children in our lives will have this. Many of us have been blessed to be able to provide these things for our children and grandchildren but many more struggle just to provide the mere necessities for their children. I cannot begin to imagine how I would feel if I were in that position.

I don’t pretend to have the answers. But I do believe that it is time for me to tap into the best of myself and figure out what I can do to be even a small part of the change that needs to happen. As most of you know, I have been sharing Caring Coins with their “I Matter, You Matter” and “You are never alone” messages for many years. These little wooden coins are simple tangible reminders that each one of us matters. I have a supply here that I would love to share. Because of the pandemic, I cannot hand a coin to everyone as I have in the past but I can send them to you to share, not just with your family but with your neighbors and beyond. You may think these little coins are a band aide that just covers over the wound but sometimes we need a band aide to help start the healing.

If you would like to have Caring Coins to share contact me on the contact page and send me your mailing address and let me know how you share the coins. I shall send the coins in packages of 10, 25, and 50. Please indicate if you would like the Angel Coin or the I Matter, You Matter coin.

You can also order Caring Coins yourself in quantities of 50 or more through Maple Landmark at www.maplelandmark.com or call (802) 388-0627.

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“…the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love.”
—Sister Theresa

Let’s share our love and caring with a text, a phone call, a tweet, a card, a letter, a caring coin, whatever… We are all in this together!

The coronavirus is contagious but…

Caring is more Contagious!!!

Caring Coins

About the Caring Coins

In our unsettled world, we may wonder if we can make a difference…The good news is…We can make a difference…One person at a time…with a simple act of caring.

The Caring Coins are little wooden coins that share a message of caring, connection and hope…

Every time a Caring Coin is shared, a little magic happens…We invite you to share the magic.

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Salley Gibney

About Salley Gibney

The Caring Coin began with a dream Salley Gibney had 15 years ago about a wooden coin with an angel and the message, “You are never alone.”

“Although perplexed by this dream, something inside of me knew that I had to follow this dream and bring this little coin to fruition. My hope in sharing the story of the Caring Coins is to inspire each of us to tap into the best of ourselves, remember each one of us matters and share a message of caring.”

“I am also hoping to encourage others to follow their dreams. I could never have come up with this little coin had it not been for my dream.” *

—Salley Gibney

*Dreams are gifts meant to stretch our capabilities.

They beckon us to new heights. They lend direction to our lives. They are not happenstance; they are part of our destiny. Our dreams reflect the contribution we are called on to make in this life.

Think about that!

Do you have a dream or a passion? It may be something that comes to you fleetingly. It might be whimsical, whatever. You must follow your dream, even if it is just a little bit at a time. You owe it to yourself. Life is a process of steps. Take one step at a time…Just continue to climb.