A personal message from Salley Gibney

A Virtual Hug…

Like so many others, I am very frustrated not to be able to be out there participating in the food drives and other sharing during this holiday season. I am also frustrated not to be able to come together with family and friends for the holidays. My children, and my mind, tell me I shouldn’t, but the little girl in me is jumping up and down and stomping my feet!!! And I am not alone in wanting to stomp my feet as I think about what I would be doing if there was no COVID-19. However, my frustrations are so minimal in comparison to what so many millions of people are dealing with.

COVID is a very real reality. I am so very grateful for all the thousands of selfless individuals who are fighting this virus, those who are there serving us all in so many ways, big ways and simple ways to help us keep our lives somewhat normal. I thank God daily for these selfless individuals and for all I have.

So my reality is that I do have a choice and that choice is to follow the simple rules: wear my mask, wash my hands, practice social distancing, and stay put for the Holidays. I am contributing to the organizations and groups that are doing the things I wish I was doing.

Let’s tap into the best of ourselves and share our love and caring with a text, a phone call, a tweet, a card, a letter, a Caring Coin reminding each other “You are not alone” and “You do matter”. We are all in this together!

“…the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love.”​
—Sister Theresa

The COVID 19 is contagious but…

Caring is more Contagious!!!

Wishing each of you a good Holiday Season!

P.S. I am sending each of you a “virtual hug” reminding each of you that despite how you may be feeling “You are not alone” and “You do matter.”

Share a Caring Coin

These little wooden Vermont made Caring Coins with their “I Matter, You Matter” and “You are never alone” messages are simple tangible reminders that each one of us matters, a message we all need.

I have been sharing Caring Coins for many years. Because of the pandemic, I cannot share the coins personally as I have in the past but I can send them to you to share as you wish. I have a supply here that I would love to share as long as my supply lasts.

If you would like to have Caring Coins to share contact me on the contact page and send me your mailing address and let me know how you share the coins. I shall send the coins in packages of 10, 25, and 50. Please indicate if you would like the Angel Coin or the I Matter, You Matter coin.

You can also order Caring Coins yourself in quantities of 50 or more through Maple Landmark at www.maplelandmark.com or call (802) 388-0627.

Share your story of sharing the Caring Coins on The Caring Coins Facebook page.