Around the World

“The more we get to know each other, the closer we are to world peace.”
—a middle school student

YANAF (You Are Never Alone Foundation) encouraged students to reach beyond their neighborhoods and connect with others throughout the country and around the world. With videos, the internet, and Skype caring connections were not only doable, they were happening…

Elementary, middle and high school and college students here and in Alaska enthusiastically joined YANAF (You Are Never Alone Foundation) in this effort. Coins were translated into Spanish and were being shipped to children in Nicaragua, to Shicali Pottery workers in El Salvatore, on mission trips to Guatemala and Ecuador and to girls living on the streets in Mexico City. A volunteer brought Caring Coins to an orphanage and school in Rehema, Kenya. Vermont Hospice Volunteers and staff brought Caring Coins to their sister hospice in Tanzania. A local family brought Caring Coins with cards signed by students at their school to an orphanage in Uganda where they volunteered.

International College Students brought Caring Coins with signed cards back to their native lands in Italy, Germany, Japan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Honduras, Kenya, China and Uganda in the hope of opening the door to caring connections in their countries as well as with students here.

The Caring Coins were welcomed and appreciated around the world as reminders of caring connection and hope.