Caring Coins for Immigrants

Recently, the Caring Coins brought hope to immigrant children, women and men at our southern border and Mexico reminding them that they are not alone…someone cares…they matter.

Salley Gibney traveled to Arizona with 1300 Caring Coins with cards signed by students and adults who wanted the immigrants to know they care. She accompanied Shura Wallin and the Green Valley Sahuarita Samaritans as they reached out to the immigrants in many humanitarian ways.

“I joined the Samaritans as they went on searches and filled water drops in the dessert; served meals at El Comedor (The Dining Room) and other shelters in Nogales, Sanora, Mexico; witnessed Poncho, the RN ambulance driver distribute sleeping pads, medical supplies; joined in as the Samaritans brought supplies, toys, love and laughter to children in a run-down shelter across from the Cartel. They also teach the children English. This all helps the children forget all they are going through.”

“Along the way, we shared Caring Coins with cards and hugs with the children and adults. Many asked for additional Caring Coins for family and friends.”

“I was just a traveler passing through. The heroes are each one of the immigrants who have left unimaginable circumstances and undertaken this dangerous journey across a treacherous terrain to save their families. Who among us would not do the same?”

“Shura Wallin, Rev Randy Mayer, the Green Valley Sahuarita Samaritans, the volunteers at El Comedor and beyond have shown me what selfless caring is. They are examples to each of us. They too are heroes.”
—Salley Gibney

Each little act of caring does make a difference!
Caring is Contagious!!!

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