I Matter, You Matter Day

The Worldwide I MATTER, YOU MATTER DAY on March 28th is embraced here and around the world with thousands of people reminding themselves and each other that “Each one of us matters” with a smile, a wave, a hug, a card, a text, an email and a Caring Coin making a difference in our world.

These are just a couple of examples:

—Albany High School, Albany, New York: “10 classes participated in Worldwide I Matter, You Matter day. The students were thrilled to receive your tokens. It brightened many days, and many of the coins were passed on to friends, teachers, and parents. It was a great success! Thank you so much for helping our school participate. 180 students received your tokens at Albany High School, and who knows how many more lives were touched by these kind gifts!”

Manchester Elementary and Middle School, Manchester, Vermont: “Happy I Matter, You Matter Day! Today, MEMS staff were given an option to celebrate by handing out the printable caring coins laminated. Thanks again for all you do and it’s so wonderful how this day has grown. What a meaningful message to share. Thanks for making a difference in our local and global community!”

The I MATTER, YOU MATTER message was shared at the Vermont Veterans Home and at Olin’s Offering in Bennington, Vermont.

University of New Hampshire: Students at UNH spread kindness through inspiration notecards and Caring Coins. thanks wildcats for spreading the message and celebrating this day!!!

Spaulding High School, Barre, Vermont: “We had an amazing day!”

So, earlier in the month I shared an idea with the staff which they liked. So a Google doc containing the names of every student was shared with the entire staff. Cards were made with the I matter you matter coin copied in the top left. Staff wrote cards to students about what they appreciated or why the student mattered. ..and then turned the cards into me. We put the cards in envelopes with the student name on the outside (so kids wouldn’t know if some got more than others and to help with organization).

Every student received at least one card, but most received two or more! The envelopes were sorted by advisory and delivered this morning and during advisory they were given to the students. On my way to the cafeteria, I took about ten steps when a student approached me with a thank you note and I got about another ten feet and another student thanked me for her note. The thanks wasn’t what made me feel good but the fact that my words meant something to these students. Anyway, many staff were very thrilled with participating and more than a few commented that this was a pretty cool thing we were doing.

On another note, I thought it was important to spread the message to my daughter’s school. I wrote personal messages to three teachers that my daughter has had connections with. I included the principal in on the messages and explained the world wide I matter day…needless to say the teachers were very touched…Lesson for me is like with so many things in life…quality over quantity…students recognize and appreciate hard work, even if they don’t acknowledge it.