Worldwide I Matter, You Matter Day was celebrated by thousands around the world for the 8th year.

Here are just three of the many responses to
I Matter, You Matter Day, 2019:

“I Matter, You Matter” was a great day here at Calcutt Middle School, from the very beginning to the very end of the day. As students entered the school building and walked down the halls they were greeted with bright and cheerful projections of the “I Matter, You Matter” poster, or they saw other signs with encouraging messages posted all around the school building. The posters and projections encouraged a lot discussions and excitement to start the morning off right. In homerooms and small groups teachers and students discussed the “I Matter, You Matter” bookmark questions. Students were later given their I Matter,You Matter Caring Coins to wear or to share. Thank you for encouraging this great gift of kindness.
—Calcutt Middle School, Central Falls RI

I Matter,You Matter! Thank you for starting this wonderful initiative Thank you so much for thinking of us today. The children (even our young ones) were preparing for today by deciding their favorite ways to show people they care and doing a countdown this week. We did a school wide survey on our morning white board. I wish I had taken a photo! I took a photo of our white board today and have attached it to this email.
—Northshire Day School, Manchester, VT

I Matter, You Matter! Thank you so much! I have to tell you this day makes us so happy! The messages carried throughout the building and I had notes sent to me about wanting more of this! How can it get any better than that!?!??! You are so inspirational for starting such a campaign with the coins. I am hoping that others took pictures that I will send you.
—Spaulding High School, Barre, VT

Let’s continue to remind ourselves and each other that each one of us matters. We can make a difference one person at a time!